Greek yogurt meets dark chocolate in a bar. They live happily ever after.

Clio Snacks

All treat. No cheat.

Innovating a 2.5 million year-old yogurt convention.

How do you make an ancient yogurt practice brand new? Wrap a delicious greek yogurt bar in dreamy chocolate, make it taste like cheesecake, and invite people to eat it with their bare hands. No spooning allowed.

— What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Voice Identity
  • Strategic Messaging
  • Copy Toolkit
  • Visual Identity
  • Packaging 
  • Website
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  • Brand Style Guide
Clio packaging

Clio’s “All Treat. No Cheat.” brand positioning and corresponding marketing & innovation strategy resulted in nearly 2 points of HH penetration growth, category-leading repeat purchase rates, and a 10x increase in social media followers.

We might be high on protein, but we think we're onto something here.

Clio grew 300% in its first year after the rebrand. The new design outscored the old against all KPIs. 49% of customers discovered Clio through seeing the packaging in store.

Clio old packaging
Clio new packaging
Clio old packaging
Clio new packaging
Clio packaging
Clio product
Clio product
Clio product

Clio Snacks went from a $600K, regional yogurt bar business to a nationally-distributed snack brand with a run rate of $38MM+ in revenue within 3.5 years. And just like that, yogurt was exciting again.

You had me at dark chocolate. All treat. No cheat.
Probiotic Bajillionare. Yogurt you can sink your teeth into.
Clio website
Clio shipment packaging
As it turns out, you can buy happiness. In all 6 flavors.
Clio packaging
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Clio branding

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