Minus Coffee


Coffee addict. Planet activist. Be both.

Rallying the beanless-coffee generation.

Problem 1: Climate change is killing coffee.
Problem 2: Coffee accelerates climate change.
Response: Freak out. Move to Mars. Quit coffee. Quit the beans.

— What We Did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Voice Identity
  • Strategic Messaging
  • Copy Toolkit
Minus Beanless Coffee
Climate change is threatening coffee.
Caffeinate your climate activism.
Minus Coffee Packaging
Coffee Minus the complicated climate relationship.

We crafted a story that caused a stir on the streets of San Francisco. Minus took the brand voice on the road in a branded tasting truck that turned curious consumers into shocked converts.

Minus coffee truck
Minus coffee truck
Minus coffee truck
Minus illustration
Thirsty for change? Us too.
Beanless. Shameless. Delicious.
Coffee Addict Planet Activist Hat
Minus illustration
Coffee Just Got A Glowup.

The prelaunch sold out in 24 hours, consumer demand flooded the waitlist, and additional investment was secured.

Minus coffee packaging
Minus Coffee - Sold Out!
A delicious wakeup call

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