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100% fish-free seafood. Grown in Chicago. Scaled to feed Earth.

Turning seafood lovers into ocean activists.

From sketchy food safety to disappearing fish populations, traditional seafood is getting harder to swallow. Fast forward to 2050 when Earth will be home to 10 billion people. There isn’t enough land or sea to feed us all.

— What We Did

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AQUA Poster Advertising

The visual system is deeply connected to our changing oceans with a deep green color that transitions from sea to land. More than half of the planet’s oceans have turned green over the last 20 years, likely due to climate change.

AQUA - No hook, line or sinker needed to make you a believer.

AQUA's letterforms are thoughtfully "unhooked." They express the holes in seafood safety and ocean stability, the fragility and resilience of our waters, and the open-ended work that is required to do right by our planet.

AQUA Cultured Foods logo
AQUA "Scallop" Packaging
AQUA "Tuna" Packaging
AQUA brew tank illustration
AQUA fermentation illustration
AQUA marination illustration
AQUA bowl illustration
AQUA - Fish-less seafood has arrived at fine dining.
Fins down, AQUA out nutritions the fish that swim.

The website is palatable to both chefs and consumers. Imagery is full of hope, light, and life, with gleaming food photography and thriving waters. The messaging is direct and credible but also full of personality in a way that makes science, sustainability, and switching up your routine entirely endearing.

AQUA website
AQUA website homepage
AQUA makes seafood safe.

AQUA is launching in high-end restaurants to prove to consumers that fish-free seafood has a place in fine dining. The art direction and photography are designed to hero the exceptional taste, texture, and integrity of the products and win over executive chefs.

AQUA tuna
AQUA sushi
AQUA scallops
AQUA scallops
AQUA tuna
AQUA tuna nigiri

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